Plymouth County Outreach

Plymouth County Outreach is a multi-faceted collaboration of the 27 municipal police departments in Plymouth County, as well as Bridgewater State University Police Department, working together to make treatment more accessible to those suffering from Substance Use Disorder.

How We Got Started

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In 2015 Police in Plymouth County noticed a surge in fatal and non-fatal overdoses. Overdoses had doubled between 2014 and 2015. Departments recognized that they needed to do something differently to offer help and support to those struggling. In December of 2016, all of the 27 county police departments, as well as Bridgewater State University Police Department, came together to form Plymouth County Outreach.

What We Do


PCO introduces individuals to different points of access to treatment, while offering caring, compassionate support for those suffering, but also support to their family members and loves ones. Each department commits to assign Outreach Officers, who will respond, usually within 12-72 hours to the residence of the overdose victim in plainclothes and an unmarked cruiser, alongside a PCO Recovery Coach, licensed clinician and/or social worker. Each department also assigns data designees to work to keep the Critical Incident Management System updated.


Purpose Of Our Home Visits

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To offer support, resources and access to treatment to the overdose survivor, as well as offer help and resources, including information on the county’s Drop-In Centers in East Bridgewater, Plymouth and Wareham, access to Narcan and Narcan training and other resources to the survivor’s family members and/or loved ones.

Our Partners


Dozens of non-law enforcement partners in healthcare, treatment, recovery, local coalitions, faith-based community and all of our county’s hospitals, South Shore Hospital, BID-Plymouth, Brockton Signature Healthcare, Good Samaritan, & Tobey South Coast. Just some of our partners include, the Brockton Champion Plan, the South Shore Peer Recovery Center, Plymouth Recovery Center, Drop-In Centers in East Bridgewater, Plymouth & Wareham, and Hull’s HAPSHA group with Manet Health.


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