Our Partners
Some of the Plymouth County Outreach partners.

Plymouth County Outreach is a multi-faceted collaboration of the 27 municipal police departments in Plymouth County, as well as Bridgewater State University Police Department, working together with Recovery Coaches and community organizations, and coalitions to make treatment, resources, and harm reduction tools more accessible to those living with substance use disorder and their loved ones. Our goal is to provide compassionate, judgment-free support while reducing overdose fatalities.

How We Got Started

Plymouth County Outreach

In 2015, Police in Plymouth County noticed a surge in fatal and non-fatal overdoses. Overdoses had doubled between 2014 and 2015. Departments recognized that they needed to do something differently to offer help and support to those struggling. In December of 2016, all of the 27 county police departments, as well as the Bridgewater State University Police Department, the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s office, came together to form Plymouth County Outreach.

What We Do

What We Do

Plymouth County Outreach works to meet people where they are at by offering caring, compassionate support to individuals living with substance use disorder and their loved ones. Each department hand-picks Outreach Officers who are passionate about this work to provide support alongside a Recovery Coach.  The Outreach Team will respond 12-72 hours after an overdose incident to the residence of the individual in plainclothes and an unmarked cruiser. PCO tracks real-time overdose data throughout the county and uses it to identify gaps in service.

Why We Use Recovery Coaches

A PCO Recovery Coach is someone with lived experience who supports people who use drugs in making any positive steps towards a better quality of life. All PCO Recovery Coaches have completed Recovery Coach Academy and are supportive of all pathways to recovery including harm reduction. The peer-to-peer dynamic of Recovery Coaching allows us to meet people where they are at, whether that be on a nontraditional path to recovery, or to continue using drugs safely, without fear of judgement.

Purpose Of Our Home Visits

Plymouth County Outreach Visit

To offer judgement-free support, resources, harm reduction tools, and access to different treatment options to the individual who experienced an overdose in a comfortable setting. All PCO Recovery Coaches carry resource packets with information on local Recovery Centers, the Champion Plan in Brockton, AA/NA meeting lists, MOUD resources, local syringe service programs, and more. Our outreach teams distribute harm reduction kits free of cost which include Narcan, fentanyl test strips, first aid supplies, personal sharps containers, and more.