Haley Kennedy

Recovery Coach Supervisor
Haley Kennedy became involved in the substance use disorder and recovery field as a result of her personal experience with substance use, relapse and recovery. Her passion to help others and to give back to her community was her motive when she registered for Recovery Coach Academy through the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) in October 2018. Haley found her calling in the fight against substance use disorder as a volunteer recovery coach with Plymouth County Outreach, conducting follow up home visits in January 2019. Later that year she accepted a full-time role as a Recovery Coach for PCO. In February 2020, in hopes of reaching more individuals, and fusing her penchant for creativity with recovery coaching, she began writing the PCO ‘Recovery Corner’ blog. In October 2020, Haley transitioned to a role focused on her specialty, community outreach. During which time, she was able to give back to her community and help hundreds of individuals, which will remain one of the biggest highlights in her coaching career. Due to the continued success of Plymouth County Outreach, Haley was promoted to Recovery Coach Supervisor in November 2022. She has taken a step back from direct care in order to use her knowledge and experience to support the growing team of PCO recovery coaches. Haley is a Certified Addictions Recovery Coach through the Massachusetts Board of Substance Abuse Counselor Certification.