Written by Recovery Coach Michelle


As a new year approaches, naturally reflection of moments passed swell within the air. The blessings, hardships and  resolutions pack intensely into the days as we await the chime of midnight. Like many others, my new years is a celebration into a new year. But is also an anniversary of the day I chose recovery. Seventeen years ago upon that ball drop, I had come to a point in my life where the path that ravished me had to end. I chose to live. Have you ever heard a cat has nine lives? Well at the prime into my 20s I believed that to be true of myself and was on about my “10th life” knowing it wouldn’t be much longer until I had runout of borrowed time. It was time to change myself, heal and ask for help into recovery.

Now approaching my 40’s life is vastly different. I was blessed to hold my daughter as she took her first breath into this world, and equally blessed to have held my mother as she took her last leaving mine. I have chosen to reach out and mend relationships that I thought were lost forever, and understand to let go of some just the same. With time I found my tribe. Each awakening I have chose to teach me it’s a part of this climb. 

Every year I take a moment to remember how far my journey has come. No matter how far I have come down the path I’m equal distance to where I began. I greet each day with a humbling gratefulness even when it seems to much. Some easier than others as that may last more than one would hope. But acceptance is key now isn’t it. 

The reasons, people, places and impacts all equal to one another that have brought me here. In the first year of my 17 year climb was full of blood sweat tears and fears: Each year got stronger, some I bounced back and other’s strived forward. I remember it all. 

 I greet the moments into the new year with strength, confidence and honor to reflect  the moments of what seems like yesterday that I chose the path of most resistance.

Recovery and striving to heal, looks beautiful on us. 

What I have learned: 

It starts with YOU, every moment, every decision, every choice, and every day. 

Self healing, self care, you have to put yourself first. 

Life will always happen, regardless we will face struggles, guilt, heartache, pain, scars, and love as well as loss. Triumph and healing, blessings and beauty the list is endless ride of raw true emotions that shape “life”. It is all a part of our each unique experience. For the times it seems unbareable: reach out, for the times you are on top of the world: reach out. 

Each moment know when to let go of the chains weighing you down, and the strides worth taking, breaking free.

 Chances mean changes into the many versions of you that are worth growing into. 

It makes the best legacy that we can leave behind. 

Recovery looks good on us. 

Seventeen years: 6205 days. 

One day at a time will continue your climb. 

Find your tribe. 

Recovery begins with you, but never alone.

It’s time we celebrate together. 

Happy New Year and congragulations on ANYONE striving for more

one more minute, hour, day, one more time, keep going. 


 I am proud of mine. 

Reach out to celebrate, reach out to begin: 

I’m always here. 

Michelle Ellis 

Recovery Coach 

Plymouth County Outreach 


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